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love, nature and payphones....

When i look around my life, i am blessed to see so much love. I see love in peoples body language, the way they kiss, hold hands and are genuinely compassionate about life. I think that the more we live in love, the less we have to fear and the less we fear the happier we are. I was leaving the other morning to go to the airport and got a true glimpse of love between two of my cats, tigher and pepper. I was fortunate enough to catch them in the act of snuggling and pepper made a point of cleaning tigher. It was so cute and melted me from inside. I thought to myself how amazing it is to see such compassion in the animal kingdom. I get warmed when i see such behavior and it inspires me in many ways.

While in vegas, i wasn't my photographic self, meaning that i didn't take a million photos as i always do. Rather i decided to take just a few quality photos of nature and people. On one particular morning, I was awakened earlier than usual and couldn't go back to sleep. …

Looking for Start up Capital

Okay so as many of you know, TruBlue has been in existence for a year now. We are going on year two and we want to start agressively marketing ourselves and really kick things off for 08.

We are looking for $50,000 in intitial round funding to advertise and penetrate the market here in San Diego. Some of you may or may not know but we are also starting this new year off with a concierge service. We feel this will be an exceptional way to feed the events side of the business.

I am open to all offers and even creative ways to finance this. TruBlue is looking to start the year off with a bang. We are alson in need of an experienced financial person...cfo, cpa or anyone who is great with money.

If you have any suggestions, ideas or commments, i would love to hear them at