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Sleep and Mississippi

Late at night and i can't sleep. It is 11pm and i have a 7:45 flight in the morning to atlanta with a connecting flight gulfport, MS. My friend and I saw "forgetting Sarah Marshall" and i can say it was pretty damn hillarious. It was exactly what i needed to see tonight before leaving for mississippi. There were so many funny things in this movie that i can't even begin to talk about them all. It is good clean, well not really clean..there is full frontal nudity

I haven't really blogged all that much. I have been so busy getting the business up and running that i forgot to take time out to write. I love writing. It is such a great release for me. It is interesting because i had a complete stranger tell me the other day that she learned alot about my emotions and what kind of person i am by reading my blog. It made me feel good that she read it and got something out of it. Some people are too sheltered to let their emotions be known and shut everyone ou…