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Pen to paper...

So I have settled into my life in Oregon and haven't written in a while. Haven't felt inspired. I was grading papers tonight and decided to put on some tunes in Google play music.  A song came on as I was finishing up and about to pack up my gear.  I hadn't heard it for some time, probably since the episode of Californication.

The song is called "My California" by Beth Hart.  First note transported me to moonlight beach when I was a kid and used to play from sun up to sundown with my best friend Scott.  We would create imaginary dwellings, play in the water, boogie board and play in the sand until we had to be hosed off to get the sand off out of our hair and ears.  We looked like little toe head Scott and I.  It seemed to be a ritual with either his mom taking us, or my mom taking us, or all the parents dragging us to the beach with a cooler in hand (yes you could drink on the beach back in the day.

I remember the smell of the ocean and the sand in between my fe…