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sorry..but this is hillarious...

I couldn't help myself..I saw this on a friends blog.

I think I have found the answer...

I just need to figur out who makes it and how i can get my hands on a million gallons or so. Screw welbutrin...this would be the new medium.
Imagine going to a party and looking for joy...All you would have to do is look in the fridge and pop one open. Hell, Ren and stimpy could have used this instead of the happy helmet. Joy Juice, where have you been all my life. Gregory...imagine telling your kids, "Daddy needs some juice," and having them bring you this back. I am a genious and may run for president.

On another note. I took this random picture of one of our cats. Kind of reminds me of the Blues travelers album, Four.
I don't know... a little different but I should get creative points. And don't give me the "It's out of focus.", crap. That adds to the artistic flair.Anywhoooo. I hope you all are doing well. I am managing through the mundaneness of it all. Out until i snap some more cool photos.


Well I got home yesterday from work and noticed steam or something coming from the bottom of my car. I called Hyundai's "At your Service" hotline for towing because I figured it was the radiator.

The tow company came out and towed the car to the dealership. The dealership called me and said a rock hit a compressor line and thus all the freon leaked into the environment...HELLO what ru32 that was supposed to replace this. I am a little frustrated but to top it off the compressor, which is only available through the dealer is 800 bucks. Can you believe that crap. Thank god i live in San diego or else I would be pissed not having air. Anyhow needless to say, I wont be getting it fixed until I have better cash flows

Other than that, life is peachy. Hope everyone is well. Hopefully I will be able to make a trip down south to see the family in November for turkey day.

I am working in San Francisco next weekend. Fatima will come up and we will hang out. Should be a fun t…

more pics from San Diego

War memorial
war memorial of lost lives
in honor of fallen soldiers
killer old submarine
wicked architecture on the bayfront

Pictures around San Diego

The USS Midway
The Bay of San Diego

Me in Anaheim


Goo Goo Dolls

I just worked a program for a great company this week. The last night was pretty cool. We got a CD of the band and I got some killer pics of the band.

Working at a bicycle store

so I work at a bike store in Pacific Beach. There are some random characters that you come across...including myself...but I decided to take some pics of people I work with.

This is Nik. He is the owners son...he was doing some god pose...With his long flowing hair...the chicks dig him
This is boss from Performance. Now he is a kick ass salesman at Bicycle Discovery. He made this face, which is kind of hillarious because he always smiles normally.
My camera has a slow shutter time on my phone. This is tori...she is cool. She doesn't take any crap and has a pretty kick ass voice.

Tyler...this guy is funny and kick ass with Jiu Jitsu. Lets just put it this way...don't fuck with him.
Matt on the usual.
The front of the bike store...lots of homeless hangout here... The view from the store...Tons o Surfers here. All in all just random wierdness occurs here. The reason I am sane. I love you... muah!

more photos...

A picture of the bay in San diego

San Diego with my Samsung Blackjack

Boat on the harbor, you can see the coronado bridge behind.

Our ferry to the mainland from Coronado

Seriously...keep off the ramp...

Sir Noah

in the back is the USS Midway.

2nd ferry coming back.

Our rent via a cashiers check...

Our little "Precious" Cat

Pepper....she is my heart.

starting a new idea.

I have a not so good camera on my phone, but i think it will be cool. I found out I can't zoom so i have to take the pictures as is at 640 x 480. These are random pics. Driving down the five, plane flying over head, Mission bay, The casbah a local dive bar with live acts and the 5 again.