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My bikes over the years

My first bike i recieved for Christmas in 1984/85 was the Fuji Sagres

Great bike. I rode that damn thing till the tires went bald.
This is a picture, not mine but what it looked like...

thanks to emptychair on flikr...its his bike, but i am using the pic to show the colors that i remember so vividly

After that i didn't ride for a long time. My friend dan got me back into cycling on an old bianchi that he had. I rode my first half century on that bike From there i migrated, after he moved to colorado, to my touring series III. It made it to colorado with me, but i ended up dis assembling it and leaving it in my friends storage. I put lots of miles on it and people used to laugh at me trying to train on it seriously.

The next bike was a fuji touring series III that i bought for 150 bones in Florida. Although it didn't look like this. It was stripped down to a bare bones road bike

After colorado, it was borrowed bikes. I borrowed a bike for about a year and rode the heck out …

All in a day

So today was adventurous. I met my friend Cheyenne for coffee at starbucks. I helped her set up Picassa 3 onto her laptop. She was having issues with getting photos onto her laptop and then finding them later. I told her how easy picasa was and she loves it. Truth will be in time as she uses it. Cheyenne also needed a little pep talk, and i am always good for that.

At noon, i went to a friends house and tried to get her set up wirelessly, but unfortunately, thanks to the marvels of Time Warner cable, you cannot run a wireless router, unless its purchased from Time Warner. After tirelessly trying for an hour, we decided it wasnt worth it. I offered to fix her bike since she had a crash incident a few weeks earlier. I tuned up her bike and then decided to go on a ride.

I left the house at about 3:45 and decided to do a quick ride up the coast. I just wanted to bang out 20 miles and that is exactly what i did. The weather was perfect and the temperature was fantastic. My butt sti…


Today marks an amazing day in history. Our 44th president, Barack Obama, was sworn into office today. He stands for change and is the breath of fresh air this country needs. Do I think 1 man can change the world, no way. John Donne once wrote, "no man is an island, entire of itself..." This is very true of our circumstances today

We have been marred by a crumbling financial market, we offered loans to people who had no business buying a home, we backed companies in the midst of bad financial decisions, even though we as individuals don't get that same courtesy, we seemed to print money out of thin air. We (our country) is that of a broken spirit, we keep going through the motions even though the banks have knocked on our door to reclaim their house, the repossession companies are taking our cars away, our younger generation (me included) have no concept of saving for what we want, rather we buy on credit and agree to pay off at some future date. However in this tim…

things i need...

Todays entry will be brief, but i realized today that I cannot be without bicycle. I love riding and not being able to get on a bike and work out my frustrations, leaves me mildly incomplete. It is a rush and a breath that can be obtained nowhere else. My bike is beautiful and i love it. I connect with it and without a complaint, it takes me 20, 50, maybe even 100 miles to a place that i have seen but a handful of times.

I did visit a great coffee shop today
2 spoons Coffee Company
3829 Plaza Drive
Oceanside, CA 92056
(760) 724-1220

I met Derek Caputi, the owner and the day before I had to pleasure of being served by the beautiful Becca. The coffe is fantastic and the atmosphere is very cozy. Free Wi-Fi and right next to performance bike. If you are in San Diego, Drive up to 2 Spoons. Not all coffee is created equal and 2 Spoons has a great cup of Joe. Also, all you cyclists that keep up with my blog, remember to check this place out. Could be a good place to grab a cup of joe whi…

My thoughts and love go out to Mr. Jobs

So I read in the paper today that Steve is going to be stepping down from Apple for a while to deal with his health issues. He is a pancreatic survivor and will be taking a leave until June. I commend him for taking time to deal with his health. It seems that so often we forget about ourselves and muscle forward to achieve the goal of many. Sometimes we have to consider the few, meaning ourselves. If we don't put our own health and well being first, we have no one else that will do it for us. We have to remember to keep ourselves number 1.

I was in several relationships where I didn't make myself number. I gained lots of weight. I also had to start taking anti-depressants and i also started drinking more regularly. I made exceptions and i suffered. After I took responsibility for my life, i found balance. I don't beat myself up if i eat bad once a month. I don't get frazzled if i eat bread pudding. I find time to workout and make time for me and in the long r…

So it was a hellacious week, but i am here...

Being a business owner can be a good thing or a tumultuous ordeal when you have tough clients. This week proved to be the bane of my existence having to deal with challanging network and phone issues to clients who sometimes cant accept change. Bottom line: I got through it. I always have and I always will.

This leads me to my next point. Last week I was in starbucks reading the coast news and having a cup of Joe. I read an article by Bob Nanninga that was very good, but wreaked of something that ails the current country today and that is the inability to see good, regardless of surroundings. Pragmatic realism is the term i believe. Anyway, i responded to Bob in a very respectful and tasteful manner. I wasn't really thinking anything of it and wouldn't you know, he responded this week to my comment on his commentary.

It was the week of December 26th on his article titled "All bad things must come to an end"…