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Loving my Chromebook

So about 6 months ago I sold my macbook.  I was a die hard mac fan and always had the latest and greatest.  I started with a white macbook and used it until the aluminum body came out.  I was one of the first to get the aluminum body macbook fully loaded.  I added RAM and Storage because you could never be too sure about your data. After that it was macbook air because I liked the 13 inch display.   At the time, I had lots of pictures, primarily stored on picasa (now google photos) and all my music was in itunes. I was an office junkie and always upgraded anytime Microsoft came out with a new product. I finished my macbook run with a macbook air 11 because I liked the size and weight.

When I decided to sell, I thought about downgrading to a windows machine.  I had found a couple that would fit my budget and didn't have too much stuff, but just enough.  I went to best buy and they had the usual windows displays of computers.  I was deciding on two models, an HP and a Toshiba.  I p…

Blogger or Medium, or Both

Lately I have been giving a lot of thought to Blogger and Medium.  I have decided that no matter how hard it is, I am going to write. I am a writer by nature and I need an outlet.  Between my personal journals and updates on facebook, instagram and twitter, I get lost sometimes as to where I should post my stuff.

Last year before India, I had shut down my blog, but got WAY too many responses to keep it going.  I killed my Instagram and Facebook and did most everything on Google +.  My good friend suggested that I start posting pics to Instagram and keep the blogs on Blogger.  I was considering giving up blogger again, but I just have a hard time walking away.  Plus I can write the content here and easily share it to google plus and medium with just a click.

The other factor that weighs in is that medium, to me anyway, is a very lightweight but powerful blogging tool. I seem to have good traction there and the stats are easy to find, here stats are okay, but the reads generated becaus…