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A day in the Life

So I just found out that You tube is accepting video from all its subscribers today in an effort to collect footage for the 2011 Sundance film festival. I decided to take part in this as I love to photograph and video things (as you all know from my blog and facebook). Mine is going to be about things I love (life in general). As I started filming this, I realized the power of silence and nature. By not saying anything sometimes, I am speaking volumes in just letting nature be heard. The chirp of a bird on a fencepost, the low rumble of of tires on cars on the highway, the voices of people talking but not distinguishable over morning coffee, the crash of the waves on the shore.

My life has been a big question mark over these past few months. Im not sure what all the purpose of existence is (please do not freak out, I am not remotely suicidal or want to end my life). I am just curious the meaning of it all. Why were we put here? If we were designed to live amongst nature, why are we not…

its like a swift kick in the nuts....

So I expected todays job interview to be a formal sit down and talk about the job and what I hoped to gain from the wonderful company hiring and what they could expect to gain from having such a wonderful person such as myself on the team. I totally missed the mark on this one.

To my dismay, I showed up at 10 am to a waiting room, crammed in with two other guys, one of whom was a young go getter with black pants and white socks, and the other was an gentlemen about 10 years my senior probably looking to supplement his retirement income. Our greeter was aa young kid probably just out of high school and very limited knowledge of a computer and limited people skills along. He couldn't find my resume and said to come in anyway. It always cracks me up how living in such a technological age, we can't send someone a resume via the interweb ( a series of tubes and wires---thanks for that Judy Wheeler) and have them print up that resume on the other end. That would be my hope for the fu…

Chads ideal job

Since I am having no luck finding the job of my dreams, i figured I would create the job

Chad's Ideal job

Must be:
✔ energetic
✔ funny
✔ good looking
✔ loves photography
✔ is extremely passionate about music
✔ enjoys watching and critiquing movies
✔ Enjoys riding his bike
✔ Tolerates running and swimming
✔ Loves working with people and helping them find their passion
✔ Loves technology
✔ Enjoys working with Mac, but has a strong grasp on PC
✔ Able to coach individuals on technology purchases
✔ Maintains a fantastic blog
✔ Is a master on Facebook and has a huge following.
✔ Loves Road trips and can travel for days with great music
✔ Can Travel extensively anywhere in the world on a moments notice
✔ Doesn't care for intolerance
✔ Is an extrovert and gets energy from being around people
✔ Could be an actor or singer given the right circumstances
✔ Loves eye candy :-)
✔ Able to critique all forms of food, alcoholic beverages, and deserts
✔ Adapts to any situation easily and quickly
✔ Is…

An actual facebook stalker or fan, depending on how you look at it

So i received this email today. You just cant make this stuff up.

Hello Chad,

You don't know me, and I don't know you......and I prefer to keep it that way.

Did you boink my girlfriend, Name removed to protect the innocent

No animosity or jealousy here.......just want to know so I can cut things off with her if this is the case. I think she's been sleeping around lately....and I'm just not into that kind of thing. If she is, then we need to go our separate ways and live out our disperate lifestyles. I don't like games and just want to know which is the best for her, and for me........

Thanks in advance.

And please keep this between us too.


Mr En

My response:

Mr En,I do not know of your girlfriend. Is she a friend of mine on facebook? Why would you ask me this? Do you have trust issues? What has led you to believe that she is sleeping around?

Just curious.


Mr En responds:

Hi Chad,

Yes. She has photos of you on her phone and had some on her desk a while ago…

oh reality TV

How i loathe thee...let me count the ways. So lets see, we have shows like The OC, The Hills, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of (whatever), big brother, big sister, sisters momma, mommas momma....

Seriously, I know some of those shows don't exist but mark my words, they will be coming soon to a television set near you!

Have our lives become so inconsequential that we have to resort to watching other peoples lives on TV, wishing , longing for, hoping to have a piece of the so called "reality" we see on TV? GET A FUC&*%G LIFE! If your life is that bad, you are that miserable and you are that boring that you have to watch a show that makes you wish to be someone else or be able to spend a day in someone else's shoes, you need to re evaluate.

I refuse to watch that crap and when i say crap, i really mean CRAP! Go read a book. There was this awesome thing that was founded hundreds of thousands of years ago called a library. It doesn't cost you anyth…

Pulling through...

So today I woke up in a relatively good mood, although I did have a screwed up dream about my ex wife, her father and some random people I have no idea about. I woke up at 6:30 and tried to embrace the day, even though I was a bit drag-ass. I checked my email and began to prep for my day, for on this day, I decided to do a ride with my friend Eileen through Elfin Forrest. Note to self: Rides from now on start at 7am not 9 as previously thought was okay as 9am leads into a noon ride which equals heat which equals a bitch.

I realized today that I will never be a Lance Armstrong, or even the guy in last place in the tour for that matter, however, I did realize that I love the ride and just being out doors. I completed a 50 mile ride today and it felt good, not great mind you, just good. I got off the bike feeling accomplished. The fact that I was moving and doing something made me feel better about the day. I think the biggest reason I felt good is because I forced myself to be in the mom…

I wanted to...

I wanted to believe in humanity
I wanted to believe in love
I wanted to believe in the human condition
but I was let down

I wake now to a new day
on in which I know I don't matter
On the realization that life is random
and everything I learned was a lie

I wanted to believe in karmic goodness
in hope that life could be everything
that I could make a difference
but the truth is, i will never

Its not that simple
the unexamined life isn't worth living
you have to question and doubt everything
before you can begin to see what is real...