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The dangers of drinking and driving...

Family, Friends and Acquantainces,

I haven't shared this with too many people. Some of you may know and some of you may not. I feel it is my responsibility to let people know about the dangers of drinking and driving.

On January 19, 2007, I was pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. It was a scary and humiliating experience. I had to under go field sobriety tests, get handcuffed, take a ride downtown in the police car, get photographed (mug shot) and spend the night in a holding tank with several other offenders and the occasional crazy person.

I had lots of time on my hands as i was in and out of sleep and conciousness. I felt like a huge failure and couldn't believe what I had done. But I, like many out there felt it was okay to have a few drinks and drive home, because lets face happens every day. We go to a company social and toss a few back, we go out with the girls and have a few martini's or glasses of wine. We then make the decision …

Humor for Today

Okay so my friend Connie sent me this calendar and I figure it should go to good use. I shouldn't be the only one who gets humor out of this, my gift is to share with you.
Also my all time favorite is here. I can't post the pics, but at least i can send it to you. I hope you all have a great day.

Meetings of the mind.

Family and friends,So a month or so ago, I worked a program up in LA and met an amazing person while there.  She was producing some modeling shoots for a very large department store.  It was a random coincidence that we met.  Every day she would check her email and see what candidates were lined up for the day.  She was always checking her email with her partner in crime in the lobby of the hotel.  We made small but funny talk every time they were in the lobby and since I was stationed at the hospitality desk there, our conversations became more frequent.On the last day of their shoot and our hospitality desk, we exchanged business cards and went our merry ways.  I started corresponding with her and she rapidly responded and we earnestly began having very pleasant dialogue.  Somehow or another she found my blog and began reading about me.  We have been conversing on a weekly and even sometimes a nightly basis.  She will impart me with some wisdom, I respond by asking her questions abo…

72 miles...are you serious.

I don't know why this seems to blow people away. My friend Chris and I decided to do our long ride today. He came over after work last night and crashed on my couch at midnight. I awoke at 6:30 and stared at the ceiling until 7:30 at which time, I got up and woke Chris up.

I made a vat of oatmeal and served us up two piping hot bowls. Some people don't like oatmeal, i happen to love it. This morning I got a little crazy and jazzed it up with some brown sugar and some strawberry syrup. It was damn good. We washed it down with some water and within 20 minutes we were dressed and on our bikes enjoying the brisk morning air of San Diego.

Chris kept askin me how far we were going to go. I said that he would find out when we turned around. We rode up the coast past UCSD, past Del Mar, through Solana Beach, steadily through Cardiff, slowly through Encinitas and Leucadia, and into Carlsbad. We went to the far end of Carlsbad and stopped at the starbucks for a cup of joe and some energy.…

I know I know

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It's been 4 days since my last post. What is going on with me? Who knows, I am just a busy busy boy. Getting ready for my may away and June gone. Whats that you say, that is the amount of time I will be here in San Diego. I am traveling the whole month. Just signed my last contract a few days ago.

I will be traveling to Arizona, Dallas, Las Vegas, Fort Lauderdale and god knows where else. I am looking forward to it but I am going to miss my girls, Tigher and Pepper. They are awesome.

On to what i really want to talk about. Have you heard of Amy Winehouse? If you haven't click the link i have provided Amy Winehouse

All I can say is I am thoroughly impressed. She is awesome. She has a 1950's feel and sound and I am willing to bet that she is going to win female artist of the year. Her album went to number 1 in a matter of 3 weeks in Europe and will do the same here.

Check her out, i am sure you will love her as much as I do.

Movie Review: Planet Terror & DeathProof

The friday night flick for Noah and I. I did and I didn't know what to expect. Robert Rodriguez is famous for films like "Once upon a time in Mexico" and I don't need to tell you about Quentin Tarantino...If I do, your an ass.

The film opened up with Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Horror". Mind you that Tarantino went to great lengths to make this film seem like a 70's flick including previews and music from the era. Very entertaining, i felt like I was 4 again. Robert Rodriguez did a great job with the editing of his film (which I think was done by both him and Tarantino).

Grindhouse refers to an old genre of film that was popular 20 or 30 so years ago. Some of you reading this wont remember that, however, those of you that do...kudos. The acting of the "grindhouse" genre was horrible and the directors were strangely intertwined in the movies, wheter it was the drugs they were on or some bad dream they had the night before.

Rodriguez and Tar…

Another great day!

So today I decided to ride with some new friends that I had made. My friend Chris from Mazatlan and his friend Greg and I decided to go on a little trip up the coast. I met them at the McDonalds on Garnett and Mission bay and from there we began our ride.

Greg and I had never met and struck up an interesting conversation on life that seemed to last the entire ride. He is an amazing guy with tons of history. I learned a lot about and from him today. He just quit smoking about a month ago, bought a bike, started doing critical mass rides here in San Diego and has been riding his bike for about a month (and he is very strong for only riding a month). I was for sure our ride was going to take us out and back about 30 miles total, however, Chris and greg wanted to push on while in Del Mar so we rode into solana beach, grabbed some food and headed back.

I snapped a few shots of them before Torrey Pines and after... The guys are looking good. They made it up the hill with no problems. We c…

A fantastic book...

Okay so I just got done reading, “Everyone worth knowing”.  It is a fantastic book about a twenty something girl working at a major financial institution.  She is not thrilled to be there and puts in many countless hours and feels like she is getting nowhere.  She gets in trouble at work one day for taking a break too long and decides to quit.She enjoys the days off looking for work, eating red hots and playing with her dog.  Her uncle Will convinces her to go to a PR firm and apply for a job.  From here she starts a whirlwind year of partying, playing with celebs, getting caught up in gossip, and finding herself.  I don’t want to give away too much from the book.  It is an easy read.  I picked it up on Thursday and finished the last 100 pages last night at about 7pm.  The book will and is a reminder of a harlequin romance novel and okay as a straight man, I have to admit, I am hooked.  I could read this style of book forever and never seem to get bored.  The story comes together nice…

Working out

So today was another amazing day. I started off with my mantra and some green tea on this day. I could feel the universe buzzing all around me. I could feel the love and the energy coming to me. Today I was going to meet my friend JC and Rich for Coffee at David's in Hillcrest. I haven't seen JC in such a long time. Man he looked great. He just moved back from Colorado. It is so nice to have him back. It is like having a completed family and another reason i feel so connected to the universe.

So we met at David's and discussed what had happened in our lives over the past year. Rich's love life melted in the beginning of 2006 and since then he has been enjoying the status of single gay man in a good looking man's body. My five year relationship with Fatima ended on a good note. We decided we were not heading in the right direction and called it quits. JC on the other hand has managed to wrangle himself a prize. He is 45, good looking and treats JC very w…

Great Day

So the day started off pretty slow for me. My landlord was knockin on my door at 9:28 in the morning. I jumped out of bed, opened the door, completely dis-sheveled mind you, and said hello and apologizing because i forgot to drop the rent in the rent slot. I handed her the rent check and we made small talk. Jenny, the landlord, said she knew I had forgotten because normally my check is the first one in the rent box. She smiled and said have a great day.

I checked my emails as I always do and recieved the usual 4 or 5 from my loving mom, who by the way is the most amazing woman I know, Mom if you ever read this, I love you so much. You mean the world to me. I had a few random emails and the usual junk. I used office outlook for my emails and for the most part, it does a great job eliminating my junk mail. I have to go through and add the occasional spammer to the junk list, but other than that I like it. I checked my bank statements and then i decided, I really need to go on a bike ride…