Movie Review: Planet Terror & DeathProof

3 out of 5 stars

The friday night flick for Noah and I. I did and I didn't know what to expect. Robert Rodriguez is famous for films like "Once upon a time in Mexico" and I don't need to tell you about Quentin Tarantino...If I do, your an ass.

The film opened up with Robert Rodriguez's "Planet Horror". Mind you that Tarantino went to great lengths to make this film seem like a 70's flick including previews and music from the era. Very entertaining, i felt like I was 4 again. Robert Rodriguez did a great job with the editing of his film (which I think was done by both him and Tarantino).

Grindhouse refers to an old genre of film that was popular 20 or 30 so years ago. Some of you reading this wont remember that, however, those of you that do...kudos. The acting of the "grindhouse" genre was horrible and the directors were strangely intertwined in the movies, wheter it was the drugs they were on or some bad dream they had the night before.

Rodriguez and Tarantino did a great job with both films. Planet Terror lacked substance and became surreal about 1/3 the way through. "Death Proof" had great acting and cast but didn't have all the action that "Planet Terror" had. All in all it was a great experience and Noah and I shared some laughs throughout (Although noah is a scared little girl and did have his hands over his eyes throughout both movies). I will admit there were some gross scenes in both movies and Tarantino was tru to his "over the top gore" in Death Proof and did a replay, not once but 3 times so that you could really see what happened.

Check it out. It isn't a date movie, unless your date is into that kind of stuff. If he she is great, go enjoy it on the big screen because it is worth it. Be warned, it isn't a family movie. So don't load up the ford LTD and drive down to the show thinking you are going to see TMNT...cause that ain't it.


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