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1998-02-05-Massive Stroke

Today was a really tough day. My dad called and said Grandpa Bordes had a massive stroke last night. After the surgery, the doc said Gramps will have very limited mobility and vocabulary. It is so sad that such a strong and influential person is just brought down to an existence. My gramps was such a driving force in my life. Everybody but me was able to be there with and for him. I wish, or should say that I hope he still remembers that I love him and allways will.

Grandpa, I know you can hear me....Thank you! For all that you have done in my life and for me. Thank you for always being there and showing me love that can never be paralleled. From our fishing trips to our mornings of Mary Tyler Moore. Thank you for imprinting the image of perfection and true love in my mind. I miss you and wish that I could be there to hold your hand.

I got a call back for my second interview with Globus and Cosmos. I interview at 11am tomorrow. I am expecting the best. I am still pursuing…

1998-02-04-1 year since i moved

Well yesterday was a year since I moved here to Colorado. So much has changed. I have my own business now. I am engaged to be married...WOW! What a difference a day makes. I have decided to make total fitness concepts a nationwide company. I am to to figure out all the expenses for startup, a van with all the equipment, advertising and support. I am going to make an information packet for prospective buyers. This will allow me to do what I love and still make money. It all starts with a dream. If I devote myself to doing this for one year, I will be a success. Even if I don't make that much money, I will learn about franchising.

I interviewed with Globus and Cosmos today. I am pretty sure that I am in. They really liked me. The pay isn't that great, but it is consistent.

Life is continually getting better. I would like to be debt free by 30 meaning no credit cards debt or department store debt) That is an immediate short term goal. I also want to be the best fia…

1998-02-01-a year in the life

Its hard to fathom that a year has passed. Last year at this time, Johnny and I were on the road out here. Actually we left and stayed at our friends house in Alexandria. I am now engaged (yes engaged, happened on New Years Eve...i got down on 1 knee and asked Maryann to Marry me) and I am happy. I feel like I have come a long way. Time is one of those un-holdable commodoties. It is good be to able to look back at how far one has traveled.

I have been so stressed lately about money. Why? I think because of my old habits. Its kind of a defense mechanism maybe to help me cope (I am assuming). Like my dad said on the phone today, "People don't want to hear about all of your negative shit, they want to and need to hear the positive stuff that is going on in your

Maryann and I got taxes done today and hopefully we will be getting about 1500 back. This should help us get a small nest egg started.

Today was laid back. We went to southglenn mall. Maryann got he…