1998-02-05-Massive Stroke

Today was a really tough day. My dad called and said Grandpa Bordes had a massive stroke last night. After the surgery, the doc said Gramps will have very limited mobility and vocabulary. It is so sad that such a strong and influential person is just brought down to an existence. My gramps was such a driving force in my life. Everybody but me was able to be there with and for him. I wish, or should say that I hope he still remembers that I love him and allways will.

Grandpa, I know you can hear me....Thank you! For all that you have done in my life and for me. Thank you for always being there and showing me love that can never be paralleled. From our fishing trips to our mornings of Mary Tyler Moore. Thank you for imprinting the image of perfection and true love in my mind. I miss you and wish that I could be there to hold your hand.

I got a call back for my second interview with Globus and Cosmos. I interview at 11am tomorrow. I am expecting the best. I am still pursuing the franchise possibilities. Maryann brought me a ton of books in regards to franchising.

In conclusion for today, you learn alot about life through loss. Even though Grandpa is still alive and here, the loss of a friend and a strength in this family has come to pass. There were many things that I would have loved for him to see, like me getting married, having my first child, and just for Maryann to meet him and see his kind spirit. He is an always will be a hero in my heart.

In memory of you Grandpa Bordes...I love you!

Until next time...


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