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Attacking a problem---The Hard Truth

I have been staring at this page for too goddamn long.  Yes it was blank until a minute ago.  It only took me three + weeks to finally put some words down. No ideas have been floating in my head, no magical inspiration...nothing.  It's as if all my awesome thoughts were stolen and burned and then diluted by water in the garden.  To say I am unfocused is an understatement, or maybe it's because I am too focused.

I left my most recent 3rd part time job.  Nothing wrong with the company, yet everything is wrong.  I got a corporate email that said basically effective immediately, everything changes.  I saw the change being a possible potential but I felt it really didn't align with my values of hard work.  I wish I could go into more specifics, but I cannot, because I am bound by, lets just say decency.

Since leaving my job, I have moved and have started driving for Uber and Lyft full time.  I never thought at my age I would have to work this hard but the cold hard fact is, be…