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Dichotomy of life

Disclaimer: I may have posted this in the past and if I did, please forgive me :-) You can not be in this world and not be of it.  There are a select few that try to say they are above it all but in truth, they too are just trying to find their way.  The reality in our life is that we seek enlightenment without all the hardship. We must realize there is hardship and trials in this life. There is a fine balance between being grounded and airy. Some of us want to live the airy life transcending the things of this world, but in reality, we are born into and of this world. There are others who are so grounded that they become overwhelmed with the problems of this life, or even get so wrapped up in all the things of this life, they cant see the spiritual side of things. Challenges are seen as things that will never end and that situations will continue regardless of what the individual does or thinks much like "it has always been this way" The greatest obstacle in this life then …