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Day 2 of no caffeine an day 3 of no alcohol....

Who ever came up with the stupid idea of moderation in all things apparently never drank coffee and never imbibed.  Both of these things I enjoyed in excess.  I decided to since I have been traveling so much, that I need to make sacrifices for my health (like attempting to workout again, possibly getting on my bike before the next century).  Two of the sacrifices came down to no alcohol and no caffeine.

I must admit, the alcohol isn't hard.  I gave it up for 2 years after my DUI, but the caffeine thing is a beast.  Yesterday was the worst.  My head felt like Godzilla was stepping on it for most of the day.  I slept alot in order to avoid the headaches and cravings.  I felt like a  mini heroin user with mild sweats, headaches and the insane desire to punch most people, family excluded, in the face.

I have done the no alcohol thing before,but the caffeine is such a part of my day.  I know switch to decaf...I may have to.  There are a thousand studies that say caffeine is good for you …