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India: Visit To Akshardham

So today I took it easy.  I decided to catch up on some of my writing and just reorganize.  I found out yesterday that Jake will be here on the 5th. (Update: He said they are getting tickets now and will be here shortly) I was thinking about biding my time here in Delhi but think it will be better spent traveling.  I was also contemplating that I could easily live on $25 dollars a day.  The expensive part would be the train travels around.

So I put together a group of my hostel friends and told them we were going to Akshardham. I advised everyone we would be leaving at around 3:30 or 4.  Since many were planning their travels and sightseeing, I knew it would be crazy getting everyone rounded up in time.  At around 3 pm everyone started coming back from their activities.  I also realized while two of my friends were getting ready that we may not make the timing of Akshardham. Originally I thought it closed at 5pm.  Lucky for me, it was 6:30 was last entrance time.
So i gathered Frederic…

Final Visa Update and Travel Stuff...

Thursday, April 16, 2015
VISA UPDATE:  This has been a rollercoaster ride if I have ever been on one.  “Everything will be alright in the end, if its not alright, its not the end”-John Lennon So I sent my passport in last Monday.  I had to change my ticket because I did not have enough time to turn around my visa to get it back on the 8th.
I was a good and tracked my progress online with the daily updates that were sent.  I was able to change the tickets to the following friday (surely that would be enough time to turn around a Visa).  By Friday, hopes were high.  I was sailing into the weekend.  This was the update:
Friday: Date: 4/10/2015 Your Documents have now reached CKGS         application centre from the Embassy / Consulate. Your document(s) is         being sorted and will be ready for shipment shortly. Please continue          tracking your application status online. Your AWB Number is          1Z0946X98400230358
The weekend passed and for sure, I thought by Tuesday documents would b…

Visa Update for India

Hey all, I know quite a few of you were interested in my Visa and what is going on.  I made a short little video to discuss where I am in the process.

Thanks again for all your support and love.  I will keep the updates flowing.

Keep smiling and have a great one!

Until Next Time...

Back To The Drawing Board...

Well let me start off by saying, do your homework. My trip to india started as a great idea. Upon speaking with cousin jake, he advised that a visa can be obtained upon arrival. He was partly correct. You can apply for a TVOA or tourist visa on arrival, however, it is only good for 30 days. That would have been good to know $60 ago.

I just sent off the actual tourist visa to San francisco overnight this morning. The caveat: 3-5 days to process and my flight leaves on thursday night.  Stress point #2, I have to decide tomorrow to change the ticket departure for a week later or chance it.  Stress point #3: If I decide to change the ticket, I have to figure out where to come up with $400 ( or if i even can).
I have to let go of the outcome, whatever that may be. It has been a problem my whole life. I attach to outcomes, rather than just let stuff go.  I go to "worst case scenario" with everything in my life.  There is no "happy place" as I like to put it. Oh well shi…

Wonders never cease...

So yesterday was a fun adventure.  I must start off by saying that I really appreciate Eugene.  It is the land locked version of Leucadia. It is funky and fun and very easy to get around. The people are super friendly and I enjoyed my time there (look forward to going back).  Encinitas will always be my first home, however, I think Eugene may keep my attention for a while.

Aunt Christina and I boarded the plane in Eugene at 8:45 and by 9:25 we were off the ground and in the air.  Allegiant is the main carrier that flies into Eugene direct from LA.  American and Delta do as well but to the best of my knowledge they are connections.  It was a great flight and I realized how much I miss being in the air.  When the plane lifted off it was is my spirit let off a great big sigh.  I have had a love for the air and airplanes since I was a kid.  Thanks to my father being a travel agent and a fellow airline enthusiast himself, I think he bestowed that knowledge and love to to me.

When we land…


And just like that it happens.  You lose your job--well its not like you lost it, it was there but barely. You resign.  You are not in your thirties and can't seem to hold a corporate job no matter how hard you try.  Money has never been your forte, but traveling has.  The economy seems to be going to hell in a handbasket. You are watching society crumble from all angles. Is it my fault...maybe so, but the truth is I can't sit around and watch my life deteriorate anymore.

I am disillusioned.  I spent way to much money on my education, only to be told "well thats the best we can do as far as pay"  Really?  You expect me to live on that?  Im sorry did I miss something?  I went to school because "statistics show that people who have a masters degree make more money"  More money than what? Minimum wage?  I applaud Seattle for bumping minimum wage to $15 an hour.

I saw this on Conservative Tribune (BTW if you read that online mag, please delete me immediately...I …