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The Journey Continues...

So after my last post, it became apparent that I am not going to be able to close the blog just yet. I got an overwhelming response from friends and family that they truly appreciate my writing. I have decided to continue maintaining my blog. I have a decision to make and it will have to happen very soon.  I will reveal my decision in the next week or so.

I have to share these two daily reads that showed up shortly after my decision to resign. Its amazing to me how things line up in the world when you make a decision. It seems very true that when one door closes another opens.  The most important thing to keep in perspective is that when multiple doors open, there is no wrong door. Just pick one and walk through, rather than fretting about which one will be the "best choice".  There is no best choice, just a choice.  Remember, you are the biggest critic of yourself.

These were my two readings.  They are from Mark Nepo's "Book of Awakening"

“Birds learn how to fly,…

Thanks for the memories

So this is probably a long time coming but it has been apparent to me over the last weeks/months that I need to go dark...for good.  I spoke to a great family member who advised me that I am a great writer but I need to keep some stuff private.  I thought about it for a bit and realized, I do put way too much stuff out there.  

When social media first came out, I thought "Wow this will be a great way to reach people and share ideas and great photos"  I thought of all the advertising possibilities and all the connections that could be made.  To me, social media was limitless.

Over the past few years, I now see it as a distraction for many and a bitching board for others.  I see that it is keeping us from what is really there and helping society make uneducated guesses about people.  Companies use it to see if their employees are trustworthy rather than creative.  Friends use it to scope out what other friends are doing and possibly feel isolated. We used to see someone we were …

the wandering mind...

5:45 am The day starts like any other.  I wake up and contemplate going to the gym but the the bed feels too comfortable. I begin looking at my phone to see what messages I may have missed...really? I am not that important, besides, who texts you after 9 p.m. anyway? Its like I obsess about someone texting or hearing back from the one person I want to hear from...but it doesn't happen...never does.  At 43, I should give up the idea of being a playboy, bootycall, Christian grey or whatever society has labeled me as.  I should be over that stage in my life, but I am not. I would love to start a family.  

My life is a drastic departure over what it was.  I am now a desk jockey. My spirit rots.  I feel un-fresh and un-clean. I can't come up with a decent idea to save my life. I used to find inspiration in the clouds and would be inspired often.  Its as if traveling allowed me to clear the fog in my head and compose the ideas. Now I watch traffic roll in on the drive and miss my tim…