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Becoming a minimalist again

I have pretty much been a minimalist but I want to outline some steps if you were thinking about doing this.  Many people have asked me how to do it and I will share some of my steps here. It is very liberating and very relaxing. In this article I am going to limit the topic to if you are single. Next week I will talk about ways to become a minimalist if you are in a relationship.

Sell everything you own that doesn't own you
This is a tough one but a must.  What I have found is that stuff that you own, really owns you.  I mean that it has some sentimental value to you and that is why you don't want to get rid of it.  (My grandma bought me that, my dad gave that to me before he passed, my ex bought me that a year before we broke up).  You hold onto it because it has some "meaning" to you.  The fear that many people have is that if you get rid of those things in your life, your life will have less meaning and nothing could be further from the truth. Its the things that…