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This has been heavy on my heart for a month and I woke up with the feeling that "this needs to be written today", so here I am. Many of you have been keeping up with my blog and realize that I have been on an amazing, unsettling, life changing journey.  It started when I sold everything I own to come to a place where I didn't know anyone (well 1 person) and not have any work (really) lined up, in order to take a class (Yoga right??? me doing yoga wth) that would forever change my path with one simple word that was introduced to me on a sunday morning by the lovely Randy Simpson (btw i get to see this beautiful gem today and i am so damn excited) and that word was "Mindfulness"

What does it mean to you?  What images are evoked when you hear the word?  What do you feel inside when you hear the word?  For me it is a constant state of being.  Its my awareness of everything I do, everything I see and everything I am.  To me its a way of coming back to self and being …

Finding the within

My whole life seems to be a journey about finding myself.  We have all heard the stories about losing oneself to find oneself, going off to foreign countries to discover our true self, we begin a path of spiritual pursuit.  My journey is much like that.  I happened to find myself on a cool august day in a class with Hamid in Bali as the light breeze was flowing through the shala. He said, you can go all over the world to find yourself and the truth is that the answer lies within.

We spend our whole lives on a fruitless pursuit of trying to figure "this thing out".  We try to minimize our existence to just ourselves, but the truth is, its much greater than that. The inner journey begins with recognizing, as cliche as it may sound, that "wherever you go, there you are".  You can go to bali, you can go to india, israel, New Zealand, spain and any other place you can think of and the truth is, we all need to go within.

The more we look outside ourselves for things, th…