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So I went to see 42 last night.  The irony is that I will be 42 this year myself.  I really had no idea what to expect with this movie.  I almost avoided it and decided on another, but after some convincing, I went to check it out.  I can say that I am not at all sorry for going to sit through this 2 hour and 8 minute movie.

Observation:   Jackie Robinson had a dream to play baseball and that is what he did.  Being the first African American to play Americas favorite game, he had to overcome many obstacles, both in his head and on the field. Do I think that racism still exists, absolutely!  Do I think it exists as it did during Jackie Robinsons day? No way.  I think being the first at anything pushes the limits and gets people hot under the collar.  This was extremely evident during this crucial time in our history.  The director did  a great job making you feel the tension in the air at the time.

One character who stood out and made you feel good throughout the whole movie was Jacki…

Showing up

So I haven't really written that much lately.  Have been going through changes in my own life and "trying to figure things out" with me.  Have you ever tried to do that, I mean really try and "figure things out".  I am learning that you really can't. What you can do is show up.  Instead of trying to put everything in order, try just showing up.

I realize there are the "knowns' and the "unknowns".  The knowns are the things you can plan for such as taking the kids to school, running to the bank, paying a bill online, grocery shopping.  There are also the unknowns and those are the times in between the knowns.  They are a time to reflect or maybe even appreciate, never deprecate.  As humans we like to see the things we aren't doing rather than all that we are or even sit quietly.

I have a very hard time with sitting quietly, primarily because sometimes i don't like the silence, but what I have learned is that the silence needs to b…