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Keep Trying

It is an old record, I'm sure.  You have heard the song time and time again, but it doesn't make you feel magical or warm and fuzzy on the inside. Often times the song is more like that gut wrenching agony of the word "again".  I like to think of it as "always".

I'm talking about finding passion in your work, not purpose.  I don't believe work is purpose, unless your are doing something that is altruistic and even if you didn't get paid to do it, you would still do it.  I have had more jobs than the Jamaicans on “In Living Color”, maybe not all at the same time, but I have definitely tried my hands at at few things.  A friend of mine laughed at my resume last week when they saw how many jobs I have had.  My linkedin resume is probably in the neighborhood of 8 -12 pages.  Some of the pages could be removed because they aren't relevant, or are they?

My job history tells a story, maybe not to everyone, but to me.  I have all my jobs listed bac…