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Blast from the past!!!!

So sometimes, you think about someone and "poof" they pop into your life again.  I was thinking about an old friend from my junior year in high school.  His name was Jesus Morales.  I met him at a huge transitional time in life.  I had moved from Mississippi in the middle of my tenth grade year to St Pete.  I was dropped into a school called Gibbs High School.  I wasn't familiar with a lot of people and made a few friends here and there.  I met some really nice people who seemed genuine and nice and offered to include me in their groups.  I wasn't a social butterfly like I am now so it was a challenge.  When I finished for the summer a few months later, my dad advised we were moving to another district.  That meant I would have to start all over again with friends.

We moved into Pinellas Park and the year was 1987.  I found out my new school was going to be Northeast High School.  We moved into an older complex that was closer to my dads office in Tampa, close to my…

June 16-10 days left in India

I officially have 10 days left in India.  I didn't get to do as much as I wanted but I realize now that my purpose wasn't to do what I wanted but rather what was needed.  I got a sense of closure from that.  Sometimes travelers go somewhere and aren't able to see the things they wanted to see. Maybe their journey takes them where they need to be.  Wants and needs are two separate beasts and if you don't feed the wants, the needs will show you some pretty amazing stuff.
Where do I start with Delhi. Heat is obvious as it is always hot here. The saving grace is the rain.  When it rains for just a bit, its like Delhi gets a well deserved bath and you can begin to appreciate the city again.  Everybody said, "Get out of Delhi, its ugly" and to be honest that is probably why I stayed so long. I am ugly just like Delhi in some ways and was able to still see the beauty here amidst all the filth. The history far outweighs the bad of this city.
When you get here, get a…