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What you put in, you get out

We all want stuff in an instant.  We want a better job now, we want our relationships to be better now, we want more money now, however if you really want something, you have to work for it.  I don't know about you but, I don't want an easy life because I would get bored way too quickly

What you put into your life is exactly what you will get out.  If you put negative people, negative experiences and negative thoughts, you will get exactly that.

Experiences are key.  Get out there and experience.  You limit the possibilities when you stay stagnant. Movement is key.  Give in to to try new things and you will soon realize how amazing your life can be. 

Make sure you surround yourself with the best people, experiences and thoughts that you can.  When you devalue yourself, you will devalue those around you.  Make sure that you keep yourself as the driving force in your life.  Don't lose the value of you!

Work on things that matter, avoid the things that don't.  Some things can…


So I was minding my own business this week, or so I thought. I was scouring my facebook and g+ feeds, wondering why my phone wasn't blowing up as much as it should. I was sad because I was watching other peoples awesome lives and realizing that I didn't do anything of substance on this day.  I was doing the things I thought I was supposed to do kinda going through the motions, however, I realized something was off.  I wasn't able to put my finger on it until yesterday.  Thanks to a great friend, Mr Shawn Antonio, I came home last night and realized just what it was. Maybe you have seen this video, maybe you haven't.  If you haven't, here you go, its five minutes of your life.  I have also added some thoughts below.

We have become too addicted to our phones.  We spend about 60-80% of our day on the computer, phones or tablets building another world so that we don't have to face the one around us. We live vicariously through our friends facebook wall so we don&#…

A new favorite Website/App-Lettrs

As you all know, I am a tech junkie.  Yes I am overly connected and love meeting new people, making connections, talking tech, texting, tweeting, g+ ing, facebooking, blogging, pinteresting and "blowing grams" as my lovely Rands likes to say.  Its my addiction and I admit it.  Nothing beats face to face or phone conversations in my book. 

In todays world it seems we have less and less "personable time".  Well there is a new website called lettrs.  Its not really new its been around for a while, however they just released the iphone app recently.  I was told that we should have an android app sometime in the near future. (Android app is up)

Why do I love this site?  For me its about delivery.  We get texts, g+ mentions, hangouts, tweets, and facebook messages and much more.  Sometimes they are random, often times informative, but most of all, not very personable.  Well lettrs adds personality to each letter written.  You can choose from different styles and colors, ad…

Why I gave up the drink (and other recreationals)

As some or many of you may know, I gave up alcohol about 3 months ago, including social drinking, after work cocktails and the occasional glass of wine at home.  The first question that everyone asks me is "Was there a problem?"  I think we all have problems to some degree with alcohol, but in my case no.  No acute problems that I was aware of.  To me it was more about the chronic, or long lasting effects that assisted my decision to give it up.  I choose to be present and aware, not aloof and/or ignorant

Im not gonna lie, much of my decision to quit was about overall health.  You see I don't like waking up anymore feeling like shit.  I don't like loading substances into my body, that yes at the time seem like a great idea, but then when you wake up 4 days later in Vegas with a destroyed hotel room and a headache that could take out king kong, you begin to realize that, you have a problem.  Im not saying I have ever had a hangover moment, although it was close a few t…