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Back from Oz and starting over

Hello all.  Sorry I haven't been forthright in posting lately.  As many of you know, I decided to come back from Australia.  I ran out of money and job prospects and since my visa was going to expire in December, I decided to change my ticket and come back early.  Actually I would have stayed until my exit date of December 2nd, but there were no flights back onVirgin Australia that met my ticket requirements.  The trick was I had to be on the non stop from Brisbane to LAX and it only ran on certain days, otherwise my ticket back would have cost around 1600-2300 dollars.  After researching flights from the 15th of december backwards, it turns out the only days I could come back, on a $150 change fee, were November 11th and November 13th.

So I am back in LA and looking for work.  Any work. I tend to think I am not looking hard enough or in the right area.  I wonder how long I can hold out without being employed or "a freeloader" as an ex girlfriend put it.  I guess the onl…