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This LIfe...

Its the greatest tragedy ever written.  Its the ride of a lifetime its a series of highs and lows. Its an emotional wave higher than any tsunami, its bigger than any Katrina.  Its the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.  Its the mediocrity of it all.

We stumble we fall, we brush ourselves off and get up again.  We smile in the face of tragedy and join hands with our brothers to get strong again.  Never alone should this journey be fought, band of brothers and sisters unite.  We are stronger in numbers than we are on our own.

Its our solitary journey that matters and as we fill our heads with the nonsense that flows, its our discretion that leads us to the path of our own ultimate wisdom.  Don't let the silly masses throw ideas your way, seek your truth and spend time alone.  It is the greatest gift you will ever know.

We google stuff for lack of experience, but its the experience that google really wants.  It wants to be human and understand patterns but it never will, not no…

Chad update for 2014

I sit here in my 43rd year.  I have done alot, but haven't left that indelible of a mark.  I am surviving, not thriving.  I am introspective and respective.  I am trained but not tamed.  I am coming up on yet another change in my life.  Uncle, Don and Aunt Christina are moving to Eugene in January.  I am happy for them, yet sad as a part of my heritage will be a state away. I have been blessed to be a part of their lives for the past 3 years. I am thinking this will be a tough transition having them leave as I have been so connected with them. It will be strange not sleeping in my bed. I have always said the only constant we can count on is change. We are given a finite amount of time on the planet. It doesn't matter what you do, just be. How much stuff you have won't matter at the end of your years. Make sure to fully embrace the beauty of each day. There are zero guarantees in life. Death is beautiful and just as amazing as life. I don't believe in the afterlife.  …