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Utter shock and disbelief

Its 3:16 am pacific time and I can't sleep.  I tossed and turned all night.  I'm in a position of unease.  Stomach is turning, and I can't shake the fear of whats about to happen for the next 4 years.  I never believed polls, yet I wanted to.  I wanted to have a belief that the system would do the right thing, but I was wrong.

My father, rest his soul, told me a long time ago..."I wouldn't want to grow up in this day and age".  I thought he was just bullshitting me as he always did or feeding me some fearful story that he often did.  I remember him telling me that certain friends weren't really friends and that I wouldn't be friends with them.  I disagreed, he was right.  I remember him saying that there would be 3 major airlines left in the world. I disagreed, he was right.  I remember him saying that Bush would win in 2000. I disagreed, he was right.

We now sit at the most historical time in history, when racial tensions are so thick you could cut …


This is the word for the year.  I have seen this over the past 2 years creep up like a cat getting ready to attack a toy mouse, or a feather.  My observation of people, family and friends have yielded the same response.  We are a bunch of impatient fucks.

I saw someone get angry in a starbucks because their order was wrong.  They had to make a big deal to the barista that "their time is money" as if they are the most important thing in the world.  I had a friend, and myself included, get pissed off because the internet was taking to long to load, or because the computer was taking so long to respond.  I have also seen it from the other side, meaning the employee that is rushing to make an order because of an impatient customer.

My advise to everyone, especially in this turbulent election year.  Slow your fucking roll.  Not just now, but forever.  Stop expecting instant results and stop being so damned impatient. If your search isn't coming up on the web, refine your sear…