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Change should always be viewed as a good thing

So this year as many of you know, has been a very devastating one.  I went from being on top of my game and heading down a path that I thought (key word: thought) I was supposed to go, to being financially ruined and spiraling out of control.  All of this happened in the matter of a few months. It is my humble belief that because of sharing certain events of my life last November, I committed career suicide.  I guess my naivety with social media was looking at the good it does, while everyone else seems to focus on the negative.  I became an outcast in my industry. I may have lost the battle but I didn't lose the lesson.  My advice to those using social media is two-fold 1. Post the good, the great, the awe inspiring and leave the troubles, real troubles with your true friends and family via a phone call.   2. Know who your friends truly are.  No one gives a care that you are having a bad day.  Millions of other people out there are going through the same and possibly worse, howev…

Doubt essential to faith

I have been struggling with many things, as many of you know.  I doubt faith, I doubt humanity, I doubt love, I doubt my existence.  I am a doubter.  Its what I do, its who I am and its built into the core of my existence. I never seem to accept anything without a mystified mind.

This morning when i checked my email, I realized there was an email in my flagged messages.  I looked at the title "the doubt essential to faith".  I bellied up to my desk and with coffee in hand, I decided to check out this amazing video.  It confounded me and took my breath away.  Maybe it won't have the same effect on you.  Maybe you are not at the same place mentally or spiritually and that is admirable.  Maybe this message was for me and not you, but 1 thing it did confirm, after my chat with jake bordes, is that universal timing and faith are essential to any walk of life. Hope you enjoy.