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The loss of Prince...

The devastating news of the day.  For me this is a hard pill to swallow.  I was never a fan of Prince until about the 90's.  I became a fan of his style when the soundtrack to Batman and then Diamonds and Pearls came out.  For some reason Batman had a song on it that dug so deep into my soul...its as if Prince was bringing me to life for the first time. The song was called scandalous and I have copied the lyrics below.

Come. Closer. Feel what you've been dyin' for Don't be afraid, baby Touch it and explode Understand, understand that I love you But more than that, I want you Everybody always told me "Good things come to those who wait" But I've got so much on the menu I just can't wait, I just can't, I can't wait baby I can't wait baby I can wrap my legs around you girl Cause sugar, you know you're just the kind of lover That I've been looking for Tonight why don't we skip all the for play, mamma And just get down here on the floor Scandalous I…