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Asking for Help...

"Perhaps the shortest and most powerful prayer in the human language is help - Father Thomas Keating

So often in our lives, we need it but don't ask for it.  We wait for the outside world to notice the manifestation of stress and worry before we reveal that we are in need.  Sometimes its not even about asking for help, but rather admitting that we have needs and that.
When we ask for help, we break down the wall that often exists between "us and them" or between "me and the world".  Often times, just asking for help, relieves us from the need and lifts the burden from our heart.  By admitting we are human in our walk, we free our spirit just by making the request.
I learned a long time ago about the power of asking.  Whenever, I was in financial trouble, I would never ask for help because I felt it would be a sign of weakness.  So often in my walk, my father, without even asking would send me a card, a word of encouragement or often times money, without m…


To see takes time-Georgia O'Keefe
So often we sit back, stuck in our emotions and the mire of the day that we forget, our soul purpose is to just be.  We sit around waiting for our lives to happen to us when in reality, it is happening every second.  You can no more control your life than you can control a sunrise.  You can make a plan for what you would like to have happen and work everything in accordance with that plan, but sometimes, the universe has other procedures for us in mind.

I am very guilty of this lately, I keep looking around for life to happen to me and in reality, it is happening.  Driving up to Oregon and seeing the amazing sunsets and the super tall trees and then the fog around the bend, you begin to realize that life is more than always about you. Social media can take us away from this view because we get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing and if they "seem" to be having more fun than us, well then our life surely is boring, mundane and m…