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2001-04-26 Business and Everquest

Pretty uneventful day.  Worked on the fitness networks website as well as travel planners.  I want to fine tune my plans with the website as far as what I want to do.  "Specializing in meetings and incentive programs".  That is kind of the direction that I want to go with.  I need to get fired up and jazzed about doing this.  I want to get people involved.  I want others to share in the enthusiasm.  Anyhow, one day at a time, one thing at a time.  I do need to plan out the purpose of the website and see if names are available.  From there print out business cards.  I reckon I will be best off by tackling this thing slowly and develop it to the best of my ability.

I have decided to cut down on playing everquest.  Way to much time wasted on that game as some sort of escape from my reality.  I am also sad because I don't have a car and because of my Mom's situation.

I am trying to stay focused and attracting a new and better life.

Until next time...


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