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And they Repossessed my Jeep

Well time to journal again. I am miserable. My jeep was repossessed on Friday. I still don't have a drivers license. Bills are piling up and there doesn't seem to be enough income to pay what is coming in. I am getting very depressed. I am trying to move forward but keep failing. I was in great mood. Maybe this is some sort of punishment for the divorce. I am so tired. I have seen enough and experienced more than i think i can handle. I think it may be time to check out.

I just don't have the will to continue anymore. I guess it falls back on the idea that if you tell someone that they are worthless long enough, they will believe you. I am starting to believe that I am worthless and that I don't deserve anything.. I am sad and confused and wish i would be taken away. I am not sure what my purpose is on this planet. I am 30 years old and have to start again from shit. I really want to head out. I don't feel i can fight anymore. I am so tired.
I want help...need help but know where to turn. I am so overloaded. I am going to bed, hopefully forever. I don't have the will to live or to try any longer.

Good night....


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