Turn it around baby...

Things have definitly turned around...Mentally! Tuesday September 18th I met the woman of my dreams. We met on MSN chat. It was so random how we met. She was getting ready to log out, i logged in to see if any local folks were going out. I saw her name, clicked her profile and the rest is history. Her name is Fatima. It is such a beautiful name. She is 23, 5'8", tall, olive skin, brown eyes, exotic and an angel.

We have been getting to know each other outside of sex as friends and it is lots of fun. I never believed in love at first sight, but I do now. It seems funny that if you aren't really looking, love walks out in front of you. The universe answers...

Fatima is that miracle. She was sent from the heavens to find my lost soul in that chat room. Now we have incredible conversations and have shared very similar heartbreaks in our lives. I can't stop smiling when I think of her. I feel I had a lot of misdirected energies and Fatima is helping me redirect them.

I wake up refreshed and look forward to hearing her voice. I have definitely been blessed I am excited about the outcome of this one. I am glad we are not rushing and taking it at our pace.

"Time shall molt away its wings, ere we shall discover, in the whole wide world of ours, such a constant lover.

Until next time...


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