Well I got home yesterday from work and noticed steam or something coming from the bottom of my car. I called Hyundai's "At your Service" hotline for towing because I figured it was the radiator.

The tow company came out and towed the car to the dealership. The dealership called me and said a rock hit a compressor line and thus all the freon leaked into the environment...HELLO what ru32 that was supposed to replace this. I am a little frustrated but to top it off the compressor, which is only available through the dealer is 800 bucks. Can you believe that crap. Thank god i live in San diego or else I would be pissed not having air. Anyhow needless to say, I wont be getting it fixed until I have better cash flows

Other than that, life is peachy. Hope everyone is well. Hopefully I will be able to make a trip down south to see the family in November for turkey day.

I am working in San Francisco next weekend. Fatima will come up and we will hang out. Should be a fun time. I will post all the pictures as soon as I get them. Lates...


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