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Airplane mode on the iPhone

So today i needed to get out of the office, my home office for a while. I had just wrapped up a 2 week accounting learning class, taught by my professor Nancy (my accountant) with lots of back and forth and trying to prep everything for the tax man.
I told myself that I wanted to be on my bike no later than 1pm. And sure enough by 12:45, I was geared up and almost ready to go. I remembered something my girlfriend Amy said about disconnecting. She said we live in such a connected world that sometimes you just have to switch off. I wasn't sure how to do this since my media player is my cell phone is my PDA. Then out of nowhere it hit me, put it on airplane mode. In this mode you can still listen to your fantastic tunes, you just don't have to have the distraction of calls, emails and text (SMS) messages.
I must say thank you to amy for reminding me what is important and that every so often it is okay to "tune out". I also want to thank the universe for dropping th…

the generosity of friends...

Well as many of you know, i recently had to move from Carlsbad. It was a challenge to say the least. I wasn't looking forward to it and really had no idea what lay in store for me. I decided to put my best foot forward and just accepted things as they were. I would put out to the universe that i needed a place to live. My friend Noah asked his dad if there was any room in either of his two houses ( he has two homes on one lot...built the first one for the family and as the family expanded he built the second guest house). As luck would have it, Noahs brother had to move out because his hours were cut at work.
Robert, Noah's dad, called me and said the place would be ready by the 1st. After 3 failed attempts at trying to get a roommate from craigslist, I listened to the universe and said "i think Roberts offer is the most solid" and i took him up on it.
I moved in on Tuesday and got completely settled in today. I am a very simple man so i don't have lots o…