A quick note about a friend...

So my best friend Noah had to have major oral surgery yesterday. Long story short, he was involved in a car accident when he was 20. He had to have two implants removed yesterday. My stomach was in knots all day yesterday for him. I got a text at about 2 that the surgery was done and was a success.

All i can say is he is the biggest trouper I know. I personally know that I would have had to be under to have that surgery done. I would have passed out 10 times over during. When he came home he was swollen and a little sore. I sent him good vibes and tried to check in on him.

He is home today recovering and I wish him a speedy recovery. Send him tons of love and wish for the same. I know he would appreciate the sentiment. He is on facebook as Noah Unsworth or NoahtheStud.

Until next time...


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