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Day 1 Argentina-Buenos, Aires

I awoke at about 4:50 this morning. After waking up and cleaning my eyes, i noticed the most amazing sunrise off the left side of the plane. The sky was the most brilliant shade of pink blended into purples and deep dark blues fading into light blue. I couldn't get to the other side to shoot a photo, so you will just have to take my word for it.

Arriving into Buenos Aires airport (EZE) is the large number of rivers and lakes. As we made our final approach on DL flight 101, we headed due east into a stellar sunrise. The countryside was very lush and green and the flight attendant advised that there had been lots of rain over the last few weeks.

We arrived at the Hotel Carsson, which was a nice change from the original hotel. Apparently, it was an upgrade from the previous hotel. Apparently they had too many complaints. We were pleasantly surprised. We got to the front desk and 9:30, and checked in. The sign said check in at Noon, but they had the room available, so we were allowed right in. The front desk clerk was efficient and very friendly. We were thankful the room was available because we didn't sleep that much on the flight. We decided to rest until noon and then tackle this amazing city.

At noon our first stop was a market right by the hotel. We picked up some water and then found a taxi to drop us off in Palermo. He dropped us at the Malba Museum which was a great value at 15 pesos or about $5US. Noah and I perused the art for an hour or so and then proceeded across the street to a very cool park called the "Japonais Jarden". It was a quaint garden that was very relaxing and peaceful. There were tons of families there and it looked to be quite a few tourists. The koi in the fish pond were enormous, sushi anyone.

When we were done with the garden we had no idea where we were going, except for the address my friend Mike Corrales gave us for a great place to eat. It was totally the blind leading the blind. We hailed a taxi and we were on our way. The taxi is the best way to see the city. There is one every 2 seconds and very inexpensive to get anywhere. I didn't feel unsafe at all in the city, even while walking around with my big nikon d40 and professional lens.

The driver dropped us off in Palermo viejo (i think), directly in front of the restaurant. We didn't know we were there. He said, in broken english, "You are here," We didn't understand and then he asked if we were tourists, we agreed and he said, "Estados Unidos?", I said "Si" and he smiled from ear to ear, almost as if he were happy that we were here in his amazing country to spend some of our money, and proceeded to say, "Welcome to Argentina," I paid him the 13 peso cab fare and told him to keep the change. He was very appreciative and drove off.

We found the restaurant and started exploring. We started at the Plaza serrano and walked our way around. I needed a coat or a light jacket because I was chilly. We found a cool store with good pricing and 90 pesos later, I was out the door, trendy as hell if i might add.

We meandered down the avenue and came across Marks Cafe and Deli. We went inside and Noah got a milkshake, I ordered a cafe con leche and we both had a coconut desert with dulce de leche in it. It was awesome. Plus we had great real estate while there. Very nice

After our desert, both eye candy and stomach goodies, we were off to explore more of Palermo. We walked and walked and walked some more. We decided to grab a beer before dinner at this cool little bar called "Bar El Taller" and for some reason i could only think of Skee-Lo
"I wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i was a baller, i wish i had a rabbit in a hat with a bat and a 6-4 father..." I indulged in a local beer called Quilmes Red Lager. It was a light red with a very creamy finish and very tasty might i add.

We ended up getting dinner at another location and heading back to the hotel to call it a night. Noah was a bit exhausted and didn't want to overdue it on this night. The taxi cost us about 30 pesos or 10 bucks. In all it was a great day and I was happy to see this part of Argentina

Until next time...


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