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As you wish...

Allow yourself to try anything…just once. Stop saying "you can't, or you shouldn't". Think about how wonderful you feel after you do a thing. Feel how empowering it is just to complete a single task. The other day I was overwhelmed by just cleaning my room. I felt depressed and disheveled and nothing could motivate me. Finally I got up and started unpacking my suitcase, that led to filling the laundry basket, which in turn led to putting new sheets on the bed, which led to hanging my clothes, which in turn led to me cleaning my whole place.

When you jump over one obstacle, you start to really question the other obstacles. Are they really obstacles or obstacles in your mind. For me it is a matter of taking that first step, and the first step starts the snowball effect. I basically step out of my comfort zone and feel accomplished by even the littlest tasks. Life is not measured by what you haven't done, but rather by what you are doing at this moment…Make the best of it and see the possibilities abound.

Are there times when you think you can't do something, or you have told yourself you could never do that? What if you stepped out of your comfort zone and did it? Like singing a song that you really love, talking to someone that you are really attracted to, regardless of outcome or performing a run/ride or swim that you never thought possible? Life is full of possibilities and all we have is the now, not yesterday and not tomorrow. Wipe the sleep from your eyes, embrace the day with meaning breath and allow yourself to see endless possibilities.

Our life is a process of becoming comfortable in our skin. When you take that first step, you begin to transform yourself into something that you thought might not be possible. You remove the limiting belief that you can have, do or be anything that you want. It all begins with one step and a wish. I support you, your friends support you and more importantly, the Universe supports you. Once you break out and make that first step, the next and the next and the next after that begin to follow with ease, much like when you were a baby learning to walk for the first time.

See what it is you wish for…see yourself accomplishing or acquiring that thing. You will feel an immense appreciation for self and the universe at achieving the goal at hand. Love yourself as no other ever could and be thankful for everything around you. You are amazing and can do anything you wish…

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