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Okay ladies...

Here goes a question to you all. Why is it that you want to play hard to get? I understand the attraction thing and the chase thing. We all love to be chased, but times are changing. Sometimes guys need reciprocated chasing. Sometimes we need to know that you are thinking about us. If we send you a text message or an email or call you, its not because of our health. Its not because we will die if we don't send it, its because we are thinking about you.

Why is it that if you like a guy, you can't initiate. Screw old fashioned. I'm not saying chivalry is dead, but come on for god sake. Its okay every so often to say that you are thinking of us. It doesn't go against the sacred code of ages that men are supposed to chase women. What is so wrong if you walk up to a good looking guy or a guy you find attractive and say, "Hey, your attractive, how bout meeting for coffee or a drink sometime". I sit back and observe and it seems that more women are becoming more assertive, however, it still seems like its a "man chase woman kind of world"

I have noticed in my own life when i like someone and show some effort (to someone that seems interested), the interest is never returned. It is like your scared to take a chance or allow yourself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability leads to hurt (in theory) and therefore, if you don't exert, you won't get hurt. I say take a chance and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Remember: there are no guarantees in life. Dive in, you were never guaranteed security and happiness when you came, you have to go out and find it. If you like a guy…give him a crumb every now and then. Its good for our ego.

Until next time…


  1. Why, you say?

    I DISAGREE! Men have nothing left without the hunt. We can't step on your toes. Anytime I initiate, it always comes back to bite me in the a**


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