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A tribute to my dad

There are days when I just miss someone so much.  I wish I could pick up the phone and call them.  Or go have coffee with them and watch a movie.  Get some good home cooked food, comfort food.  I miss them both...on different occasions.  Sometimes I miss em together, and other times, I miss them separately.

I look at them and think, man they had their shit together.  They were doing it right.  Even if it is dysfunctional, they had it right.  I mean who is society to judge these days. We are just as dysfunctional with technology.  The iphone or android end up taking care of our kids.  I watched today as two parents did'nt even talk to one another, just handed off their phones to their kids to play while eating because it becomes to hard to take care of kids while they are eating.  How the hell did our parents do it?

Anyhow, my tangent needs to be redirected.  I miss him, my father.  There is so much I want to know about him.  I want to go back and meet the 18 year old him, the 22…

I'm leaving 42 and joining 43

I wrote this a few weeks ago and posted on medium to some success ( 4 readers woo hoo...more than 1 is a miracle).  Enjoy and let me know what you think.

l’m leaving 42 and joining 433 quick lessons
So I turn 43 in (gulp) less than a week. Friday to be exact. August 1st. 43 years ago, bless my mothers soul, she and my father, enjoying a sunday on the beach in La Jolla, decided that it was time. My father was “damn right its time,” as he cracked open a beer. My mom said, “no its time to have this child”. My dad, as dramatic as he was, gathered all the crap he had hauled down to blacks beach, and with mom in tow, rushed to Scripps in La Jolla where I was born at 4ish in the afternoon. So what have I learned up to this point? The list is rather endless so I will try to be concise so bear with me. These are 3 keys that really stand out. 1. Life truly is how you view itYou can try and be the wealthiest guy in the world and amass large fortunes, but in my humbled experience, thats not existenc…