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A Sad Farewell To A Great Friend

I remember it as if it were yesterday. I took a job back on the road because I loved the freedom and the money it brought. It allowed me to go do a job for a week, no matter how stressful, how demanding, how tiring and a week later, I would be done. I got hired on with a company out of Chicago and my first assignment was the Biltmore in Arizona.

I was nervous and excited. I knew no one on the roster aside from the girl that got me the job. Arriving at the hotel, I quickly got acquainted with the team. We had lunch and went off into our respective groups. Our mission was to help deliver a successful and unforgettable meeting. There was one gent who was very nice named Tom. He had the kindest eyes and the biggest smile. He never had a bad word to say and was always positive. We spent the first day assembling welcome packets together and Tom just had a sense of humor that wouldn't quit. I can remember telling a snarky joke and his laughter made me instantaneously feel better. Heari…