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Is This Thing On?

It's been a minute and I haven't been inspired to write, however, Greg Laswell just released a new album and every time I listen to him, I get inspired. He bears his soul and then some.  This latest album is no exception.  You feel every lyric, every note, and every space between the notes. He is by far one of the best musicians out there. He writes all his own stuff and I love it all.  My two man crushes are Mark Manson and Greg Laswell. Mark, if you haven't read him, is a brilliant writer who captures the essence of things and breaks things down to the simplest form.

I am listening to greg and staring out at the fog, both in my head and in the distance here in del mar.  There is a cool breeze blowing through the hotel of the lobby I am staying at. Been at L'auberge for the weekend with my cousin.  He's in town for the weekend and invited me to stay with him. It has been a nice little staycation.  There is a change in the air that I can palpate. Its different tha…