is this life?

As i breathe the stagnant air that the air conditioner pumps into my face
I look out the window at the buildings and the sunshine.
I think to myself, "I am not connected to this planet in any way at the moment"
The seconds tick like bombs going off in my head

Did I do something wrong? Why cant I see outside of this.
My bubble is closed and I can't reach out
I cant sing, I can't see
Who am I and why am I here?

I look at the other zombies around me
all miserable in their own way
Sucking down caffeine and nicotine
to make it through the day.

Who am I and why am I here?
This is no life, but rather just an existence
I am a zombie and go through the motions
I can't vacation, and the routine is the same day in and day out

I stare at my screen wondering who will call and complain next
If they realize how insignificant their problem is in the grand scheme of things
I wonder why they feel the need to yell
What did I ever do to you...

This life, this time isn't real
I wake up but have an inability to feel
wake up people, this is not a life
What will you be remembered by? Possibly nothing...


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