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Out of control hair

So i haven't cut my hair in a long time. It is getting insane. The funny thing is that i don't really want to cut it and really think i will wait until June to cut it again. Yes i may look like a mop and people my try and clean their floor with me accidentally, as long as they grab the wrong handle, i am fine with that....KIDDING.

I also haven't shaved in a day or two...i am feeling rough. I need to get my ass back on to a routine to keep me in check. Spoke to a friend in Hawaii, she pointed out spelling errors on my blog. Bought a new lamp for my bed today. I want my room to be a bit homey row. Bought two mega sandalwood the smell. Bought a new suit for work at target...YES target, get over it. I look good in whatever I wear (however, i don't know how i will pull off this hair thing. Maybe I will gel the shit out of it and go from there)

Cats love me being home. I am trying to find a great home for my girl precious. She is starved for attention and i think she needs her own place. Having two other girls here is crampin her style. I cleaned my blinds and the blinds in the kitchen and for the most part feel relatively accomplished today.

Now i will iron my shirts, fold my clothes and call it a night.

Thanks for reading.

oh yeah forgot to mention the movie "numb" with Matthew Perry...excellent movie. Great characters and very believeable. rent will like it

Until next time...


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