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and so it was written...

Thought it sounded cool. Kind of like a quote from an old technicolor Charlton Heston movie like "El Cid". Actually the reason i wrote it is because i see music in my future. Lots of it. I have always had a passion for singing, just never believed that I was good enough. After visiting a friend in San Fran this past week, she made a comment about my voice that made me start to think that maybe I do have something worth pursuing.

I started singing at a young age (thanks to my father). I was encouraged to sing and was introduced to many different musical genres. I found myself humming along to catchy tunes, or singing a walt disney tune in my head. Before long, the inside hum, became the outside melody. After a while my mom and dad put me in choir. I didn't understand my talent back then and thought it quite silly. Everyone in my family loved to hear me sing, but i again thought it was silly

Now, I sit on the eve of fortieth year and realize that i wasted time in doubting myself. I should have started earlier. As the great wise ones of the world said, better late than never. So with that said, "Universe, i know you have pushed me in this direction for a reason and I expect to run into someone who can use my talent and help me prosper with this gift as well" I want to become involved with music, although i can't read a note, i have a great ear for the music and can keep the same pitch (provided its in my key:-)

Thanks to all who believe in me on a daily basis. I think it was your faith that got me to realizing that i should do something with it. I think first stop will be to get a guitar and learn to mess around. Once i learn how to play, I will then start writing for myself.

Until next time....


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