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Do you ever...

Get a song stuck in your head first thing in the morning? It happens to me more often than i can remember. I have come to trust that there is some meaning associated with the song that has planted itself in my head. I feel the universe wants me to take a closer look at the song, listen to the lyrics, perhaps sing along, who knows

Yes I am crazy, but I feel that by doing all these things, it helps me jump start my morning. It gives me a direction and a purpose for the day. I sing and it takes me out of that "routine" negative funk that sometimes creeps in early in the morning. A time that should be set aside for thinking of all the amazing possibilities, gets jumbled up by the negative "have nots" or even worse, "what if's"

Its truly my belief that we live in a society based in fear. Fear that you cannot do the things you think you can, or fear that you should do one thing or another to protect yourself. Fear that if you leave your house alone, you will get robbed or fear that if you don't lock your doors, you will get robbed. Hear me and hear me well, No future occurrence can ever be seeded by a past event. What am i saying you ask, what madness am I speaking you may say? I have been in a car accident, I have been robbed, I have had my heart broken, I have had a gun pointed at my head, I have lost a loved one. These things in and of themselves are happenings. They happen to everyone. They are not a guarantee nor a promise. Just because they have happened doesn't mean I arm myself any differently. My thought process is different now. I wake up with an appreciation of the short time I am given in life and I visual the abundance of my life, nice house, comfortable and reliable car, lots of money in the bank and someone to love (that could be me by the way, doesn't have to be a significant other :) )

So the choice is yours. Do you choose to live in fear or live in abundance? Do you choose to live rich or poor? Do you choose to be happy or sad? The choice, starting with first breath in the morning, is yours. Choose wisely, put on some good music, a great song dancing around in your head, or better yet compose one. Imagine the day being yours and you getting to do whatever you wish with it.

Thanks for reading my blog. I am not meant to be a preacher, so excuse me if I come off sounding like one. I am just trying to help. Many times we struggle in life and little words of wisdom help get us back on track. I appreciate all who read this and encourage open dialogue. Feel free to leave a comment or suggestion any time.

Until next time...


  1. I awoke w/ a rather obscure, old STP song in my head this morning. A friend had to find it for me b/c I could not think of the album it was on. Was nice to hear after such a long absence from my life. :)

    Hope u have a beautiful day Chad. I'm going to the beach w/ friends and enjoy the sun, the emerald green water and bask in the laughter that I know will be all around us.

    Much Love & Big Hugs n Kisses to You!!!



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