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Okay so I went out in PB with my friend Ryan who I work with at Bicycle Discovery. I called him at 8:30 and at that point he said, "dude, i think i am going to cancel tonight. I got home and i am really tired. Let me chill for 30 minutes and I will let you know if I'm going out,"
I decided that I would stay at home and read this weeks reader. I read my two favorites, party crasher and Barbarella. I then started reading a very intersting article on how racism isn't dead. The interviewer in the article questioned approximately 50 teens and asked them various questions about their ethnicity and how it affected them. It was a great article and you can read it
Very interesting and enlightening. So at 9:25 I get a call from mr Biers, "I will see you there...I am heading out," So I donned my best apparel and headed out. First stop, Cabo Cantina in PB off Garnett. Interesting little place. Shaped like a J, it looks just like a club you would see on anystreet usa and replicates the baja california feel. I ordered a beer as soon as Ryan showed up, and to my surprise, they were out of 12 oz coronas so I had to endure 24 oz. It wasn't too bad and because of my training routine, it was rather refreshing and went down pretty smoothly.
Ryan said, "close out your tab, we're heading to the tavern,". So I did and we (about 15 people) paraded down to the Tavern. There was an issue getting in the front door because apparently the bouncer said one of the guys in our party was intoxicated. After some heavy convincing, the bouncer swayed and let the guy in. I ordered my favorite, fat tire, and proceeded to make the rounds. In my rounds, I began to realize..."At what point do you get sick of the club scene" That answer became clear as the night progressed. After finishing my first beer, Biers said, "heading to the typhoon saloon", so I again paid my tab and headed out across the street to the saloon.
It was definately the hapening place. The band was Flock of Seagulls and they are a great 80's band. if you haven't heard them, check em out. They are very good and can do all the 80's bands flawlessly. I orderd a beer and began to make my rounds. I began to notice that I am a looker...meaning I get lots of looks. I was even approached by a young lady who couldn't keep her eyes off me. I did find that quite odd since she showed up with a gentleman in her arms. She waited until he went to the bathroom and then darted over to talk to me. She said something about the band, her name being Lyndsey and that I had amazing eyes. She continued to talk to me after her b/f came out of the bathroom at which time they proceeded to make out right in front of me...HOT....not. She was still checkin me out while they were makin out, makes me think she wanted a menage a trois... That wouldn't have been too bad, but i digressed, i apologize. So after that, the evening began to wind down. I said my goodbyes and walked back to my car, mind you, i had been drinking water the last 3 hours of the evening to flush my system.
I got into my car and headed home. I was greeted by the two most beautiful women I have ever seen...Tigher and Precious. Even though I am in the midst of change in my life, it is nice to know that there are some things that are constant, love of family, love of friends, and the love of my two wonderful, chirpy, smart cats. Until next time...
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Feels like a throat punch to my heart

So, I thought today was going to be just another Sunday of lounging around and netflixing.  I don't think I have ever been so wrong in my life.  To start with, Facebook reminded me of my memories.  I happened to click on a friends link and decided to follow another link to my very first girlfriends sisters page.  Its random how I got there, but I blame facebook.

To my shock, I saw that her sister had passed on the 22nd of November.  I was shocked because I knew that she wasn't that old.  I reached out to an old mutual acquaintance and found out it was pretty sudden and unexpected.  That had me in some kinda mood.  Because of that, I began to text and email friends and check in and make sure then were okay.

I got a text message from a close colleague I used to work with at a previous job.

Beck: "whats shakin CB"
Me: "Not much just wanted to say hello.  Had a wake up call today.  Found out first girlfriends sister just passed away.  So sad...she was young"

Screw back up plans

Yes I said it.  Yes I have had quite a few unsuccessful ventures and I have recently started reading blogs that suggest backup plans.  I don't agree and I will tell you why.

When you have a back up plan you have an "oh shit that didn't work and I have to do something about it". Its like whatever it is going on in your life is going to fail or stop being at some point. Newsflash: You are correct!  NOTHING lasts forever. Your job, your marriage, your income stream, your family and most certainly not your startup or your job.  For those of you wishing to go back to the old days, its not going to happen.  The age of chivalry is dying and the startup that you create will be dead within 10-15 years.  We don't live in our parents or grandparents economy. Hell the way we communicate is changing. See example below and try and decipher what I am saying to you


Did you figure it out yet.  If so, please pat yourself …

Just a friendly update on me :-)

Hey everyone

Just wanted to give an update. You may remember that I said I was going to be coming back to California, well it is official.  I am heading down May 1. I will most likely take the train and stop in Napa to visit my cousin Stephen Bordes at his winery for a day or two.  From there, I will catch a train to San diego.

I am currently looking for work and open to any positions that may be available, I just ask that you don't hold it against me because I have a masters degree.  I have seen many companies shy away from hiring me because I have a Masters Degree.  I am honestly looking to get off my feet and find a base of operation. My home is California and I know that now.  I am native and the air, soil and water are in my bones.

I am looking to establish which means I will need to find a place to live (that I pay for monthly), maybe even get a car (down the road) for now I know that I will have to use the bus and I am okay with that. I am nervous as hell about this move …