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When it rains in my pours. Today I woke up in a semi crappy mood. I was trying to make the best of my situation. The first thing I did today was checked my bank balances to see where I was lacking. I did all my work with BofA and SDCCU. I decided to check on my credit card to see if my payment of 117.95 went through. When I got to the site...I realized that something was greivously wrong. I noticed my balance was zero and that no payment was due. I checked the payment log and realized that I paid 1117.95 and the payment posted on the 26th. I called the credit card company and explained my situation and they said there was nothing they could do...very much like giving a homeless man a hundred dollar bill thinking it was a 10...fat chance of getting your money back
Well it wouldn't be a bad thing, but that was my rent money. I have made several calls to friends and family i know i can count on and as of right now...I am fucked. So needless to say, I will be going to U-haul and getting boxes to put my stuff in. and giving away furniture...if anyone wants anything....Please email me ASAP. I am just taking the small stuff. I have two kitties I will need to give away...because they can't live in a car. me if interested...


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