the end and the beginning...

So i am officially at the end of my wits. I have officially hit the bottom regarding finances. I have maxed out every credit card i have, i have .44 cents in my bank account and I have a massive parking/hotel bill I have to pay and I have just enough gas to get home.

At least on the brightside, it gets better from here. I am focusing on what i want which is millions of fuckin dollars in my bank account. Before i get there. I want to have 2500 in the bank on the 10th of the month after paying every single bill. Then I want that number to increase to $10,000 by the 10th and all bills paid.

I am attracting this into my life. Money will no longer have a stronghold in my life. I will continually attract good people, great events and great encounters in my life.

Until next time...


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