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Day 2-Caneel Bay

Woke up relatively early today. Decided to go lay out for a bit. Had some breakfast off the buffet and slowly started to wake up. The days are beautiful here as well as the evenings. The sounds are fantastic, the skies are breathtaking and the environment is serene.

Today we went into Cruz Bay which is town here in St. Johns. Stopped at the local deli and grabbed some refreshments and continued the tour of the island. The island is 9 miles long and takes about an hour to drive from Cruz bay to the East End. The interesting thing is that you drive on the left side of the road. From Cruz Bay you drive to Chocolate hole, then Rendezvous Bay,then north on the 104 through residential areas and over into Coral Bay Shipwreck Landing and Friis Bay. We had lunch at Shipwreck bay which is a locals hangout. Decent food and great views.

Since there isn't much to do on the islands, the occurance of alcoholism is high. Many people drink the days away and have a great life doing so. What could be so bad about spending your days in paradise. The locals are very friendly and often times you will find people that lived whole lives in the states have given it all up to live a glorious life in the VI.

After lunch, we drove back around the back side of the island. On your way back from Shipwreck, make sure to stop off at Colombos, they have the best smoothies and great Ben and Jerry's ice cream to cool the island heat. We stopped at Cinnamon Bay and walked down the beach aways to a less trafficked beach and laid out all our gear. Snorkling is a great idea, especially if you don't dive. You can see a lot and dont have to carry all the gear around. I laid out and proceeded to get darker than need be, but it was worth it.

Came back to the resort and changed before heading out the get Pizza for dinner. The local town is very charming and has numerous shops to suit everyones taste. The island closes early on sundays, so make sure to get your stuff early.

Here are the pics from today...

Day 2

More to follow tomorrow...


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