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Tasmania-more like its-craz-iar

This has been a very interesting journey. The first few nights I was here, I thought I was going to go insane. I realize now that it took less than a week to do just that.

Let's just say you hear your own thoughts here. You go to bed early and you wake up early and try and sleep late. I read, have "cuppas" and drink lots. The weather is as unpredictable as a miley cyrus video. One minute it's sunny and the next its pissing rain sideways and upside down.

Where I am staying was built as a retreat and holds anywhere from 20-40 comfortably. There is a yoga shala attached to where I am staying so it is nice. I can wake up and clear my thoughts and prep my day. I have been asked to go surfing about 1000 times,
however without a "wettie" well let's just say its fuckin nuts to even think about it. Even the constant barrage of surfers coming through say "$hit its cold out there". So I say no thanks. I pop open a beer and laugh at the die hards.

Wednesday night turned out to be a cluster of all fucks. The group decided to head to Hobart for the night and then go to the moma the next day. The trick of it was that Mr and Hannes (the 22 yo Adonis body having au pare who walks around in his undies all day and hooks up with other hot au pares girls) and I had to take the secondary vehicle. Its an 89 land cruiser that runs on either "petrol" or LPG.  We left earlier than the 2nd group as we needed to get fuel for the vehicle. We also carried the spare roll up IKEA beds, bedding and pillows.

It all seemed fine and dandy, that was, until the old shitty gas decided to play unfairly with the new gas we put in.  We made it as far as Buckland and couldn't go any further. We called our friends, but they had abandoned us for the bastard child known as "alcohol". They said take a taxi, or hitch a ride. However hitching a ride is like waiting for a hot spell to hit the north pole----it ain't happening very soon. There were only about 2 cars an hour on the A3 heading into Hobart. I can't imagine there are shit tons of cabs either, so Hannes & I decided to tough it and sleep in the land cruiser.  It was very cold even with two blankets and a hoodie.

We woke up at about 630 and My tosies were very cold. The guy who owned the gas station was very friendly and gave us the number to a mechanic. Hannes ordered breakfast and I ordered water and coffee in hopes of warming up. Hannes and I discussed our options and decided to try and trek back to little beach. If the vehicle stopped again we would attempt hitchhiking. Apparently the universe found favor on us as we made it all the way back with no problems, and luckily so as it rained all the way back. After a hot shower, we went into Scamander and bought some food, wine and beer.

The weather in Tasmania is interesting. One minute sunny and toasty, the next freezing cold and rainy. I am appreciating the down time as I don't know what's next. Not sure about work, what I'm supposed to be doing or even where to begin focusing my efforts. Its in the universes hands.

Hannes and I drove the Land cruiser to Launceston on Saturday night and stayed with the lovely Terese. She is such a beautiful and marvelous spirit. She is an officiant and performed a ceremony in the afternoon. When hannes and I arrived, Terese invited us to the reception. It was a Congolese wedding/reception.  It was so much fun and there was so much food. I could have eaten for a month. After 3 hours of song and dance we headed out. We stopped at a pub, but weren't really feeling it. We puttered to Terese's house where we finished with a warm fire, wine and amazing signing by Terese herself. She has an absolutely AMAZING voice.

The next morning we ate some breakkie, tool Elsie the sweet Doberman to the dog park where she chased the ball until she couldn't do that anymore. We then went to cataract gorge. It was really cool and is a local tourist/hot spot during the summer. However today it was cold and rainy. Hannes and I took some silly photos. And then we headed back to town and grabbed some lunch at an amazing burger joint called burger got soul. It was epic. If you go, make sure to get chips.

I took Hannes to the airport after saying our goodbyes to the lovely Terese. It was a sad goodbye for me. I hate goodbyes. Never have liked them...big or small. Hannes has a great head on his shoulders and a great future ahead of him. I really enjoyed getting to know him. I look forward to hearing of his journey.

Tasmania is beautiful and needs to be visited. Its tranquil and majestic. The people are connected to their land and are proud. I highly reccomend a visit here.

other pics of Tassie
Until next time  ...

PS please forgive typos as my writings are composed on my phone


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