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Chad update for 2014

I sit here in my 43rd year.  I have done alot, but haven't left that indelible of a mark.  I am surviving, not thriving.  I am introspective and respective.  I am trained but not tamed.  I am coming up on yet another change in my life.  Uncle, Don and Aunt Christina are moving to Eugene in January.  I am happy for them, yet sad as a part of my heritage will be a state away. I have been blessed to be a part of their lives for the past 3 years.
I am thinking this will be a tough transition having them leave as I have been so connected with them. It will be strange not sleeping in my bed. I have always said the only constant we can count on is change. We are given a finite amount of time on the planet. It doesn't matter what you do, just be. How much stuff you have won't matter at the end of your years. Make sure to fully embrace the beauty of each day. There are zero guarantees in life. Death is beautiful and just as amazing as life.
I don't believe in the afterlife.  I dont believe in heaven nor hell. Life is consciousness. You get one shot...just be. I can't tell you to be good or bad because we have no true point of reference. I can't tell you how to live your life, for that task is up to you. We spend money paying therapists and "life healers" and energy coaches and the truth is that only you know what is wrong with you. Its called intuition. Its the best guide you were born with. Some ignore it some focus on it.
the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.
"we shall allow our intuition to guide us"
synonyms:instinct, intuitiveness; More
a thing that one knows or considers likely from instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning.
This should become your guide. Learn the voice when it speaks. Shut off your TVs, stop reading the news.  Sit in silence. Meditate.  I can't stress this enough---go out in nature daily and see how perfect it is in absence of us. 
Whoa... Sorry about my tangent. Not sure where that came from. So what's going on with me. A year of change. Started a position at California Health and Longevity. I consider it a project. I was hired to help see if I could help generate revenue and increase brand awareness. I wasn't able to accomplish that. My contract ended after 8 months.
I was at a networking event and met the general manager for a local Mercedes dealership. I liked his attitude and asked if they may have something there. He said they did. He took a shot. I wasn't the most successful salesperson, rather dismal actually, but I continually show up and try to see thing in good light.
November I moved into Sprinter sales. Its the commercial van side.  There are challenges daily.  I show up and I try. I'm not successful by any stretch of the word...but I try.
I read about all these "experts" telling us that by loving what you do you are successful. Maybe so?  I think just be present and in my case Stand, since I have a tendency to run.
I don't have any excitement and no travel. Its not like years past. I miss travel. I miss the people I met. The open anxious souls. My travel now consists of 20 minutes commutes to and from work. I relish moments of clarity like my early morning walks. The first rays of sun peeking over the mountains. The fresh air. The solitude. My meditations.
I'm thankful for my oatmeal, my coffee. My daily salads from trader joes. Im thankful for my coworkers who make me laugh. I'm thankful for each day in absence of expectations (i.e. good day, bad day). I'm thankful for a few dollars in my pocket even though my bills don't get smaller.
In all,  I'm good. Learning to deal with transitions, allowing myself to get older. I won't win any awards for making the world a better place. I won't find the cure for what ails us. I won't save the world from the "evils" that beset us. At best, I will be and then one day I won't. I am finally at peace with that. When I removed all the noise and the chatter, my life begins to make sense, albeit only to me.
I appreciate all my friends and family and just deal with the changes as they pop up. What more can you do right?
Until next time...


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